Fortifield Solutions

The Story Behind Fortified Solutions

Fortified Solutions is a full-service construction company in Colorado Springs, CO. Our firm assists both the residential and commercial clients in fulfilling their home construction and remodeling needs anywhere in Colorado.

Our founders, the Whiteman duo, have more than 20 years of combined experience in the construction industry. He is a firefighter, she is a nurse. In 2017, the duo decided to take their passion of serving others to a new level, and formed the roots of this entity.

What Makes Us Special

The name Fortified Solutions comes from our expertise in being problem solvers. Whether it is just a roof remodeling job, entire home remodeling project or a commercial construction from scratch, we come up with a solution that is practical as well as aesthetic. With our new and innovative approach coupled with honest practices, we promise to turn into reality your dream of having that ideal space. And we’ll do that in the smoothest manner possible.

With a team of experienced construction experts, we have a reputation of completing the project within the estimated time, without compromising on quality.